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Speakers Bio

​​Hello! My name is Robin Brun & I am an author, speaker and career facilitator. 

Speaking Topics:
  • How to Create Career Safety Net
  • Defeat Your Nemesis and Achieve Your Full Potential
  • Recovering From Career Setbacks
  • The Key to Unlocking the Talent In Others

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Robin Brun is passionate about helping people & organizations to achieve their true potential. She has done this throughout her career in Human Resources in the areas of Leadership Training and Development, Career Consulting and Recruitment.
Recently, Robin launched Robin Brun Consulting to speak to associations like yours, and help people with their job search. She gained her experience in career consulting while working
as Vice President of Consulting Services for the Global leader in the industry, Right Management & later for Zenith Performance Group. As a career consultant, she has coached hundreds of displaced employees through their career transition.
Her services include helping clients write marketable resumes, teaching job search strategies, and creating a career safety net. Robin also coaches her clients prior to interviewing and they enjoy a significant increase in job offers.
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“The only way we can truly defeat our nemesis is to discover our unique gifts and talents and how we add value. These gifts and talents become our secret weapon in defeating our nemesis and achieving our true potential.”  

- Robin Brun, Defeat Your Nemesis and Achieve Your True Potential
If you’re ready for a keynote speaker and workshop leader to help you discover your hidden gifts and talents, contact Robin today for your personalized, dynamic presentation.

What others are saying...

I had the privilege of meeting Robin Brun while organizing the 2017 PAHCOM/MVMGMA Annual Healthcare Management Seminar.  We were looking for a speaker for the event who could encourage a group of managers, some long-tenured in their current roles, to assess their strengths and to identify how they add value to their practices.

Rather than presenting a generic motivational speech, Robin customized an interactive program that met our specific goals.  She helped our managers see the value in documenting their strengths, identifying areas where they might need improvement, and networking with other managers.  She sent them back to their offices with many valuable tips and tools to ensure future success.

Robin is an engaging speaker who presented the topic in a manner that captivated the audience.  I highly recommend her as a speaker/consultant.

Alicia Overman, CMM
President, Dayton Chapter of PAHCOM
Membership Director, MVMGMA
​​During the years at Right Management, when at times I supervised up to 12 trainers, Robin consistently received the highest ratings in training sessions delivered to individual outplacement clients as well as to corporate organizations.  Her ratings always averaged in the high 4’s out of 5 – and often straight 5’s.  She is the most effective trainer with whom I have ever worked.
Robin’s success in both group trainings and individual career work results from a realization by people with whom she works that she really cares about them.  Robin’s compassion and sensitivity to individual needs comes across within minutes.  She truly cares about the individuals and groups with whom she works – and they feel it – and respond.
While Robin’s compassion and sensitivity are an inherent part of her character, her knowledge of all the areas of work-related human dynamics results in highly effective outcomes for both individuals and groups.  People truly learn from Robin, and believe they can achieve the outcomes that they seek – and that she seeks for them.
Marcia Venus, Ph.D.
Venus Leadership
Robin Brun

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