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Speakers Bio

Hello! My name is Lyn Hogrefe... 
I am a Speaker, Educator, Author & Blogger 

Speaking Topics:
  • Health and Wellness
  • Prevention of Disease
  • Natural Hormone Balance
  • Taking Charge of Your Journey to Wellness

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Through my own health journey back from a radical hysterectomy when I was 49, my passion has become to be a Warrior for Wellness.....not only my own but for women everywhere. What I have discovered and written about that is most impactful is that everyday health matters. In fact, it IS the choices we make every single day in regards to our health that ultimately determine our wellness- both today's wellness and our wellness for our tomorrows.

Taking care of myself every single day in the foods I eat, exercise I do, supplements I take and choices I make regarding my health definitely matter for my tomorrows.

This is what motivated me to begin my Happy Hormone Cottage where we focus on natural hormone balance, and what drove me to start my non-profit 501c3 Women's Health Initiatives Foundation. Not only did I want to leave a legacy that would continue to make a difference, I also wanted to educate and encourage women to Own Their Journey to their best health naturally.

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One of the most life-changing facts I can impart is this:
>Disease sets in 10 years before symptoms appear. 10 years!

My latest endeavor into the wellness realm has been my collaboration with 3 other women entrepreneurs who are also immersed in the wellness world. Together we formed Collective Wellness Partners where we educate and empower to build awareness and create change in our community.​​

What others are saying...

I do, genuinely, appreciate you for what you have done for women’s health. You have tirelessly provided a helping hand and voice of reason for all of those women out there who are needlessly suffering from hormone imbalances that could easily be remedied with hormone restoration therapy. 

David Zava, PhD,
President/CEO ZRT Laboratory
Lyn’s passion for educating women and helping them take charge of their health in a progressive way is inspiring. She brings her own brand of honest, open dialogue combined with humor to the table to educate women and encourage them to question their beliefs…

Mark Newman, MS Science
President, Precision Analytical, Inc. 
jeanne porter