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Jeanne Porter

Jeanne Porter is a proponent of Women Helping Women. As the founder of Women in Business Networking (WiBN), Jeanne applied her creative energy, and natural tendency to be able to create meaningful relationships and connections, in developing and growing a unique women's organization. Today it is a program of a national association.

The author of SUCCESS Powered by Relationships she orchestrated 21 women to share their "how to's" in building meaningful personal and business relationships.  She is the founder of The JeannePorter TEAM, providing the co-author's an opportunity to professional speak and/or train.

Jeanne has taken her experience, and now addresses the importance of relationships and networking with business and social groups, churches, women's groups, and schools. Jeanne Porter is a sought-after conference speaker, author, and women's    advocate

Jeanne believes...

Key relationships are a must for your success. Through her experience in building an organization from the bottom up, to merging it with a nationally known organization today, she shares how to build relationships to be meaningful. “If you don’t learn to leverage and navigate critical relationships, then you are setting your personal and professional lives up for failure.”

What others are saying...

As Jenny Craig well stated, “It’s not what you do once in a while, it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.”

Jeanne is a five-star professional leader who gives so much of herself day in and day out . . . not just once in a while. Always poised with a warm smile, she is fully dedicated to helping women connect and grow – both personally and professionally. Jeanne’s high energy and incessant drive to promote women of the Miami Valley is contagious and inspirational. Amongst her many community contributions,

Jeanne’s founding and development of Women in Business Networking have become a shining light in today’s market. Her growing business agenda focuses on essential professional development seminars, helpful tips and pointers, and uplifting networking opportunities that are making a difference. Jeanne is one of the rare women you will meet who serves as a beacon for others to follow.

Tina Marker

I love to work with "can do" people and Jeanne is with out a doubt a "can do" person. On numerous occasions, she helped me find answers to a variety of questions when it would have been easier just to pass me off to someone else. She appeared on my television show several times and was both knowledgeable and eloquent. Jeanne is a true professional in every way.

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