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Speaker Introduction

Speaking Topics:

  • Marketing Strategy for Leaders
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Personal Branding
Complete description of topics  here.

Hello! My name is Irene Dickey 

Irene has won numerous teaching awards and professional awards.  She is the recipient of the BBB’s Women in Business Networking Women to Watch 2015.  She has published in numerous academic and professional books and publications.   She attends numerous conferences, workshops and seminars to build skills and knowledge, particularly in digital marketing. 

As the landscape of marketing continues to rapidly change, Irene closely follows trends to educate her audiences on emerging topics like emotional marketing and virtual reality. She takes her presentations beyond a textbook with case studies, experiential learning, and cutting-edge data.

Irene’s insatiable desire to share marketing news combined with 20+ years of experience ensures you will always learn something when you attend her presentations, follow her social media accounts, or read her latest publication. Irene has the expertise your business needs to develop flexible and effective marketing strategies. Contact Irene today to get started!
“Irene is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate speakers that I have had the pleasure of hearing.  She always seeks to connect with her audience in an engaging manner, making it a truly interactive experience.”

Jeanne Bruce, Founder
Cincinnati, OH
"Irene Dickey is a rare talent in the world of public speaking, possessing a unique mix of instructional skill, industry knowledge, and personal charisma that serves to captivate as well as educate an audience."

David E. Bowman, President
The Ohlmann Group 
Dayton, OH
Irene Dickey
(937) 229-2025
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