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The Jeanne Porter Team Speakers Bureau

Welcome to the Jeanne Porter Team Speakers Bureau.  
We are a team of authors, speakers and trainers located in Dayton, Ohio.

We began our journey through co-authoring SUCCESS Powered by Relationships . A book that shares how one might reach a level of success through building relationships by taking unique avenues.

We love what we do - connecting audiences with innovative minds and powerful messages, regardless of the industry. Our team thrives on keeping up with the latest trends and forward thinkers in order to identify and book the best speakers for your events each and every time. We provide a wide range of functions including keynote speeches, workshop presenters and trainers for non-profit, private and corporate events locally or nationally.

Are you local and don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of complicated travel arrangements? Looking to replace a last minute cancellation or speaker who has had an emergency?

With the cost of top speakers on the rise, there are many benefits to booking a local speaker. Your will find our speakers have various fees. Each speaker and/or trainer are flexible for events that located on the east coast vs the west coast. Generally, the less travel that is required and the easier the event is, the more likely a speaker will consider that in their fee structure.

We consider ourselves "free agents" - free to secure any spokesperson, speaker, trainer or keynote you need without bias, at no additional cost to you.  ​The team is committed to  maintaining credibility, trust, and confidence with our clients.

How it all works:

You will find listings of each of the speakers and/or trainers by clicking on the MEET THE TEAM tab, click on thier photo and it will take you to an individual profile of each speaker to include their bio, and topics along with thier contact information. You may contact the speaker directly to discuss arrangements. 

The speakers and/or trainers are well versed in today's relevant and popular topics. Our priority is to understand and meet your goals providing excellent customer service, accessibility and to become your advocate and partner throughout the entire booking process. 

For more information or questions you might have please contact Jeanne Porte
r, [email protected]   
or call (937) 723-6392.

To host  a speaker:  

To host a speaker, please note the contact information for each of the speakers and contact them directly.


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